What You Resist Persists

I was speaking with someone who is very close to me today and realized that this conversation comes up in similar ways all the time with my friends/family. And I notice this conundrum internally often as well. The conversation started with her saying “why do I suck at this so badly.” The topic of conversation doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that she has expressed multiple times wanting to change this about herself.

Herein lies the problem – what you resist persists. Continue to judge yourself for something and it will be that much more difficult to shift, like self-extraction from quicksand.

make your reality

So I say:

“Don’t judge yourself for what you are or are not. Choose differently, take baby steps, and make your life the reality you desire it to be.”

This does not mean you need to change. This does not mean that you are perfection just as you are right now. It means that if you constantly are bumping up against a challenge, your heart is crying out for some expansion in a new direction.

Ask for guidance, listen to the messages, and take one step at a time in the direction your heart and soul tell you to go.

Be careful, in transition times, you may feel strange. Maybe a void. Maybe a bit like wearing frozen underwear. It’s space. Space created that is necessary in order to expand. Don’t try to fill that space with old familiarity. Rather, live in the ‘uncomfortable’ and know that it is not wrong. It's transformation and expansion working. Let them work on your behalf.

Continue to ask for guidance, listen to the messages, and move forward with your heart’s words.


Jul, 07, 2014