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Marketing Strategy that Produces Clarity and Results
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Your business DNA and why you need to discover it

Every leader and business has unique DNA. But, many businesses—even established ones—are too busy working in their businesses to go deep and discover that DNA.
When you don’t know that DNA at the center of your business, you’re probably blind to the elements that are your biggest struggle. You’re probably unclear about your ideal clients and where to find them. And you’re probably lacking clarity in your message to them—in fact, you’re probably speaking Swahili when you think you’re speaking English. You’re probably throwing spaghetti at the wall with marketing tactics that aren’t reaching the people you want to reach.

Your business DNA is the glue at the center of your marketing strategy. Without it, all of those email campaigns, blog posts, ads and Facebook posts are disconnected and, honestly, are unlikely to produce results.


Going deep to discover your business DNA

The process of going deep to discover your business DNA is a custom experience based upon where you are, where you struggle, and where you want to be. Rather than give you a “marketing plan in a box,” we start with a 30-minute evaluation session to create a process map for your business DNA discovery journey and check it off as we go along.

That journey includes:

  • Setting concrete marketing goals to act as the GPS for your marketing strategy. These goals are not only specific and measurable but also attainable, realistic and time-based.
  • Evaluating your target market so you can aim for the bullseye with clear vision instead of shooting blindfolded. This clarity makes sure your marketing is effective, costs less and attracts your ideal client.
  • Revamping your messaging—all of your words—so you can magnetize your ideal clients to your business by speaking directly to them.
  • Evaluating your branding beyond your logo—from your company’s values and your unique selling point to the look and feel of all of your marketing pieces and company “voice.” All of this allows you to hire people to seamlessly “act as you,” to choose the *right vendors, and to keep everything included in your brand consistent across time.
  • Updating your pricing and packaging to get away from the “by the hour” grind by selling the end result and value to create excitement and desire for your products and services.
  • Creating your content marketing plan—finally, putting the meat on the bones. This can include everything from websites to email content to the message on your voicemail.
  • Evaluating and realigning your marketing mix—all of those individual tactics many firms sell like a “marketing plan in a box”—so it effectively inspires your target audience to buy your products and services.

In many cases, we add on things like focus groups, team training, developing power partner and referral partner programs, content marketing plans with editorial calendars, and more, all targeted at gathering accurate information from your best clients (after all, they know what you do better than anyone else), having your entire team united and working toward the same goals … basically, making sure that every marketing action you and your team are taking is producing REAL results.

And while I don’t implement your roadmap, I have a list of trusted, like-minded experts who can help you with everything from website design to copy writing to social media to events. And the beauty of working with my trusted resources is that you have one point of contact—me— for your questions and billing, and I will ensure the messaging and branding stay consistent through all your marketing tactics. Plus, you’ll get preferred rates. If you already have a team of consultants helping you implement various tactics, I do play well with others. I will work in tandem with your web developers, copywriters, social media managers, etc. to get everyone on the same page and make sure you are achieving measurable results from your marketing dollars spent.


Not Sure if You're Ready Yet?

My clients often need awesome, reliable vendors to help them work out the tactics in their marketing plans. I’ve put together this list of people I’ve worked with and trust.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Copy writers
  • Photographers
  • Web Designers
  • Media Relations/Public Relations
  • Content Creators (blogs, social media, email marketing, newsletters, etc.)

When you work with one of my trusted vendors, you not only have the benefit of a one-stop shop for coordinating all the resources you need, but you’ll also get preferred rates.


“I love working with Meghann because of the SUPPORT she gives. It feels amazing to get feedback on my work, to ask questions of the expert on the products I'm creating and how to best position them to my tribe. In just two months, we have created stress-free goals so that I know where I'm going, we have redefined my target market and taken the steps to reach my ideal clients in a clear way, we have changed the focus of my offerings and even raised my prices. If it’s time to take your business to the next level, hire Meghann!”

Cheryl P.,  Energy Play and Coaching for a Radiant World