The No No’s and the Ya Ya’s of Starting a Facebook Business Page

Lately, I've seen a growing epidemic … people launching Facebook business pages like they're going out of style… with no apparent strategy or plan of action for WHY they are starting them or WHAT they are going to do with them. And resulting in the millions of untouched Facebook pages, so sad ;-(

Recently, I saw a friend start 4 new pages ALL in one day, all for herself, with different names and the same message across the different pages. When I asked her why and discussed it with her, she quickly understood that keeping up with four separate pages would basically consume her life and wouldn't yield anything more than one. We came up with a strategy for a unified approach that made sense for her goals. Morpheous-facebook-page

Your social media marketing should be done intentionally. Having a strategy for what you are going to do, when you're going to do it, who's going to keep it going, WHY you're doing it, and how you'll keep up is PARAMOUNT to your success in social media. What is success in social media? Return On Investment, of course! So, why am I choosing to stand on my soap box with this subject? More importantly, what should be done instead?

The “No No's” of starting a Facebook page and the YES list to check off when you decide to do it:

1. Know WHY you are starting a FB business page (from the perspective of your target audience). What are you going to provide your new fans that they can't get anywhere else? This should require some thought. No No: “like our page cause we're going to give you great tips, coupons, ‘n stuff.” With that type of a strategy,you'll be joining EVERYONE else already using the identical call to action. Ya Ya: What makes you and your brand unique and what value are you going to provide your specific target audience that will BENEFIT them. How is your Facebook page going to stand out from the millions of others? “Love daily inspiration, a community of like-minded conscious friends and FUN content, contests and prizes that you won't get from us anywhere else? Like our page today and get involved!”

2. Know WHO will be updating the page, HOW often, and WHEN you will be updating it. No No:  Put up a page and let it hang in outer space, posting on it once in a blue moon. This won't help move you toward your goals and objectives. This is like getting married; you don't just go to the alter and then the next day say “peace out” to your new spouse and go MIA for months. Ya Ya: Choose the right person to be in charge of your social media maintenance – someone who knows contemporary marketing well. Someone who knows how to provide value to your audience and how to engage them regularly. Create a calendar. Test and analyze the best times of day and frequencies to post to garner the most attention and interaction from your specified target audience.

mall bangs3. Figure out what your target market wants. No No: Use the “spray and pray” marketing method, where you just post and  hope that someone somewhere sees it and engages with it. Ya Ya: Answer these questions and devise a plan based on them: Does your ideal client enjoy reading detailed posts and clicking links to read more? Are they more likely to pay attention to, like, comment and share visual posts emphasizing your expertise? Do they like short, impactful videos? What is your content strategy and how will you continue to provide valuable, entertaining, engaging content to your Facebook fans? Learning the optimal ‘post mix' for your target audience will make or break your engagement on Facebook.

4. How does this page fit in with the rest of your marketing? What are your objectives beyond your Facebook page? No No: Working to increase fans and up engagement levels isn't enough. That rarely converts to business done. (And by the way, Facebook is not the place to promote, promote, promote. That will turn your potential clients away faster than a knife fight in a phone booth!) Ya Ya: Where will you provide them more information about your area of expertise? On your website through blog posts or value-based video posts (vlogs)? How will you track that website traffic? How will you get them on your email list so that they enter in to your sales funnel? These are all questions to answer before launching your page.

5. How will you monitor your Facebook page performance as they relate to your overall business goals? No No: Set no goals as they relate to your business, and run your Facebook marketing devoid of its contribution to your business overall.  Ya Ya: Know what your main business objectives are quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. Understand which goals your Facebook page will directly help you achieve. Example Goal: To increase attendance at quarterly live events by 20% each quarter. Facebook's role – to increase fans by 20% each quarter and increase engagement 30 % each quarter. Create engaging campaigns directly related to the topics and teachings of your live events and use a mix of posts, promoted posts, and ads to drive new users in your target audience to the events.

FB page formula

There are, of course, other objectives that should be discussed when it comes to your Facebook page strategy, but meeting these is a great start! Do you have any other words of inspiration for setting up a strategy before launching your Facebook business page ship?

Also, share your Facebook page URL here as a comment so that we may all take a look, like and comment, if we so choose!