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Social Media Engagement Success – It’s All in the Foundation

A question I get frequently from small business owners is “how do I get more fan engagement” This point usually points to the lack of a developed content strategy, or the need to tweak their existing strategy. As marketers of any brand, there are two assets to work with – time and money. Large companies […] Read more

Why Leaders Who Produce Regular Quality Content Will Win

A concept I learned many years ago, which has helped me understand the psychology of Internet users and my clients, is known as the 90-9-1 theory of Participation Inequality. Studied and reported first and most by Will Hill and Jakob Nielsen. This theory states that, on the Internet, 90% of users are lurkers, producing almost […] Read more

GOTCHA! How to Market a Product or Service Visually

If you’re reading this blog post it’s probably because the image that goes along with it grabbed your attention. If not, you are now looking for the image within this blog post and you’re going to read it. Perhaps you came to this blog post from Pinterest, or maybe from Facebook or Twitter or an […] Read more

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