Strategy First, Tactics Second

How The Mistress of Marketing can help you find your Business’ DNA. A summary in reference to Episode 76 of the Nancy Gaines Show podcast.

Who is “The Mistress of Marketing™”?
Meghann wasn’t always a marketing coach helping female visionary leaders maximize their impact on the world. She started out in the the buttoned-up, super fun (read: not fun at all) world of corporate marketing. Underwhelmed and eager to make an impact herself, she started her own business as a social media expert and consultant around 2007. The apt (not literal) label as “The Mistress of Social Media™” was born and stuck as a reminder that we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously.

Over the years, she evolved, as did her business, to implement a more strategic, intuitive approach. Now known as “The Mistress of Marketing™,” Meghann taps into her intuition to help her clients find their Business' DNA and achieve true ROI from their marketing strategies.

Meghann’s Clients:
A female visionary leader herself, Meghann partners with other strong women in her community. These female entrepreneurs are not new to owning their businesses, they have established revenues over $250k, and a passionate area of expertise. The problem is they are struggling to be fully successful with their marketing. These leaders are focused on making a true impact in the world and Meghann’s goal is to help them maximize that impact.

Strategy First, Tactics Second:
Most marketing professionals will focus on the tactical; a to-do list of things to check off that will “grow business.” Unfortunately, this common tactic (pun intended) skips an imperative step in the process… enter Meghann.

Meghann’s Unique Business DNA- an Intuitive Approach:
Rather than jumping into a tactical solution, Meghann first looks at her client’s marketing budget and existing strategies. What makes Meghann’s approach so unique is that she taps into her intuition to establish a clear, overarching strategy that supports every tactical step in the process. It provides the foundation to the house her clients are building. It’s fundamental.

What is intuition? All of us have a higher sense of self; an innate sense. If we can listen and be open to tapping into this sense, it can unlock access infinite possibilities for our personal and professional lives. Once her client’s identify their DNA, the struggle and uphill battle to find their ideal customer dissipates and all of the tactical components can support and aid in the growth of their businesses.

Unlock Your Business’ DNA!
Don’t self diagnose! Avoid tactic-only approaches!
Meet with Meghann: Go to to take the free assessment to see how Meghann can help your business. Look up Denver Dames, a community for evolving women in business.

~Written by Chrissy Millen.

Apr, 27, 2016