The Top 5 Things to Remember When Public Speaking

As I sat in my umteenth leads group meeting today, I realized how much I've grown as a business owner in the last 3+ years. If someone would have asked me 5 years ago where I thought I'd be today, I don't think I could have guessed. When I started out as an entrepreneur, in my first leads group, I remember standing up and giving my 60 second commercial in front of a room of other business owners felt slightly torcherous. I would rehearse my ‘speil' in front of video camera (and watch it!) and my voice would usually tremble while delivering said rehearsed commercial.

Now I have no problem getting up in front of my leads groups, or in front of a room of people during one of my social media seminars or workshops. I actually love it! I have perfected the “healthy blend between dry, sarcastic humor and bountiful golden-nugget packed speeches. 60 seconds, 60 minutes — bring it on!!

To the newbies of leads groups or networking experiences, just know this – it will get easier with practice! As I sang as the lead in my 2nd grade musical “Practice Makes Perfect.” You are credible; you do know what you're talking about!  Remember a few keys:

1. Smile!! Be positive!

2. Do NOT criticize your competition – it's tacky and it does nothing to help your cause!

3. Ask questions whenever you can – get the audience engaged!

4. Get a video camera or at least use the voice recorder on your phone and record yourself and listen to yourself!

5. After practicing for a while, listen to your words – do you use a lot of “um's, uh's, you knows or Ok's? Work on limiting those – you have plenty of intelligent words to speak – no need to use fillers!

Yay! What else is possible?!



Sep, 13, 2011