Pic Monkey, a Great Substitute for Photoshop

For years, I created illustrations for blog posts, images for Facebook, Pinterest, etc using Photoshop. It's a great piece of software, don't get me wrong, it's just expensive and does way more than I need. I mean, I had to take a college class to understand how to use Photosohp for goodness sake. 

A few years ago, I discovered a free, online tool called Pic Monkey, which allows you to edit images, create your own designs and collages, and do most of what Photoshop does, but much more simple.

Here are just a few things that can be done with PicMonkey:

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For most businesses, every point is illustrated better when it has a visual accompaniment. It helps draw the eye to the content, it makes it more interactive and engaging. Using images (such as the ones in this post) truly helps build a brand look and feel, demonstrate values, and it definitely makes content more exciting.

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There are video tutorials all over the internet showing how to use Pic Monkey. They also have plenty of resources on their blog and they show you how to use various tools.

Although most of their tools are free, the upgrade is well worth it. For a meager $33 a year, you can upgrade and get access to a ton more fonts, design overlays, along with more effects, touch-up tools, more frames, overlays, and texture options. They have a free 30-day trial if you feel like trying it out.

Have you used Pic Monkey before? What is your favorite tool?

Mar, 10, 2015