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It takes a village.
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Kyle Walbrun - Master of Details

Kyle Walbrun was born and raised in the Midwest in a small town in Wisconsin where he was taught the value of teamwork and dedication. He was very involved with athletics, being named Captain by his peers for both his hockey and baseball teams. He graduated with honors at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he triple majored in Marketing, Finance and Communication. He then graduated college and moved to Colorado for new adventures, enhanced quality of life, and to join the entrepreneurial community.

Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and thoroughly enjoys camping and hiking with his 6 year old black lab, Milly. In general, Kyle is very personable, generous and loves to have a good laugh. This combination makes Kyle very easy to work with in an efficient manner.

Kyle’s role in this business is paramount. He is a multi-functional assistant; his task mastery includes everything from general business administration to marketing assistance to all around bad-assery. (These are Meghann’s words.) Kyle is a master at any task I give him; blog writing, client communication, graphic design, CRM implementation, business research. You name it, he masters it, and Meghann is oh so grateful!


Jon Cook - Chief Content Creator

Jon Cook is the founder of Keynote Content, a content services and strategy agency helping thought leaders develop their messages, connect with the right audiences, and share consistent content across all platforms. Jon helps shape and influence the messaging of numerous influencers, including bestselling authors, coaches, internationally recognized speakers, and consultants.

Jon personally wrote over 1.1 million words from 2011-2016 creating content for thought leaders. His previous background in copywriting and content marketing includes Ford, JEEP, Chevrolet, Chick-fil-A, Savile Row, and other internationally recognized enterprises. His work with client messaging produced seven-figure initiative launches for multiple clients.

When Jon isn't busy investing his time with thought leaders, he takes any opportunity to be with his wife Kara and their daughter. As a Colorado native, Jon loves breaking free for a camping trip, fishing adventure, hike through the Rockies, or a slide down the slopes. He also enjoys playing several instruments, singing, reading, cycling, and cheering on his favorite sports teams. Fun fact: Jon and Kara visited all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums before turning 30.


Erica Breuer - Brand Steward

Erica Breuer loves all things branding. It doesn’t matter if she’s weighing in on a tagline or logo, helping map a website, or cooking up copy to match, Erica brings a passion to her work that makes it unexpected, but refreshingly familiar.

A Harvard University graduate, Erica authors the column Let’s Get Digital with The Daily Muse and her advice has been syndicated by outlets such as Business Insider, Fast Company, and Forbes.

Erica moved to Denver in 2016 because everyone else was doing it. From what we can tell she loves it here. As a self-proclaimed “high functioning” introvert, her perfect day would include breakfast with friends and then returning home to paint, read, and dote on her three (yes three) cats.