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It takes a village.
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Chrissy Millen - Digital Marketing Coach

After graduating from University of Colorado in Boulder, Chrissy moved to San Francisco where she lived for over 12 years. During this time, she met her awesome husband and became a mom to two crazy and amazing girls. It was in San Francisco where she discovered her passion for digital marketing after joining an online marketing firm in their start-up phase. In the 9 years she was with this company, she contributed to every facet of their marketing, from developing the company roadmaps, to executing the minute details of facebook ads, landing pages and other key strategies.

Although San Francisco was a great place to start a family, the sunshine and lower cost of living in Colorado called out to them. In 2014, they took the plunge and moved back to Chrissy’s home state! In Denver, she was able to find a great opportunity with another small business in the eCommerce space to run their marketing. As the sole employee for their digital efforts, it was rewarding to both design and implement the digital roadmap.

Chrissy then found the opportunity to work with Meghann Conter, “she offered the chance to help strong, inspiring women in their mission to make an impact in the world and I am honored for opportunity to join her. I cannot express how excited I am for this next chapter! I am looking forward to working with these amazing women to help formulate their marketing strategies, create their digital marketing tool boxes, and grow their businesses!”


Kyle Walbrun - Master of Details

Kyle Walbrun was born and raised in the Midwest in a small town in Wisconsin where he was taught the value of teamwork and dedication. He was very involved with athletics, being named Captain by his peers for both his hockey and baseball teams. He graduated with honors at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he triple majored in Marketing, Finance and Communication. He then graduated college and moved to Colorado for new adventures, enhanced quality of life, and to join the entrepreneurial community.

Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and thoroughly enjoys camping and hiking with his 6 year old black lab, Milly. In general, Kyle is very personable, generous and loves to have a good laugh. This combination makes Kyle very easy to work with in an efficient manner.

Kyle’s role in this business is paramount. He is a multi-functional assistant; his task mastery includes everything from general business administration to marketing assistance to all around bad-assery. (These are Meghann’s words.) Kyle is a master at any task I give him; blog writing, client communication, graphic design, CRM implementation, business research. You name it, he masters it, and Meghann is oh so grateful!