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Strategy First, Tactics Second
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So here you are, a woman who believes so passionately in what you do and what services you offer that you believe you can change the world. You just need more people to hear your message. Here’s the good news: Today’s marketing landscape can give you the same soapbox as the big boys—and without investing tens of thousands of dollars to get people’s attention.

I bet, like many business owners, you’re marketing your products and services upside down: You’ve started a Facebook page, scheduled five Tweets a day through Hootsuite, written some email newsletters along with a coupon, and written blog posts with fingers crossed that people will pay attention and buy your products and services. I also bet you aren’t 100 percent sure that these tactics relate back to your business goals and that they are actually producing that coveted ROI.

In fact, I bet you’re exhausted trying to get people’s attention and think that marketing your business is no fun … no fun at all. Some days, you feel like giving up. Guess what? You’re not alone.

Everywhere you turn, you’re getting bad marketing advice. You’re being told to use scattershot tactics, and to pump more money into those tactics, with the hope that—even blindfolded—you’ll hit your financial goals, make the impact you want to make on the world and retire to the Bahamas.

I believe the only way you can successfully market your business is to rip off that blindfold.

Before you and your team can get the results you desire in business, you need to know exactly who your clients are, what they value, and why they need you in the first place. And you can’t know that until you know your business (and in effect, yourself) down to the DNA level … until you’ve set the business goals that your marketing plan will support … until you stop marooning all of those individual marketing tactics on their own little islands without the bridges to connect them.

While some of this work comes from deep thoughts, I think most of your understanding comes from peeling back the layers, accessing, and listening to your intuition. You know this stuff. You just need help extracting and articulating it, organizing it and using it as the unassailable foundation for everything you do in your business—including marketing it.

All you’ve ever wanted is to be listened to … and heard. You want someone to understand where you’ve been and where you want to go. You want someone who truly cares about you and what you want to do to change the world. And you want someone who can help you build the bridge between your dream and reality.

I’m listening. And I’m ready to help you change the world.


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