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LinkedIn Tags – How to Make Lists of Your Connections – and How to Use Them

What are Tags on LinkedIn & How to Use Them Filtering Your Connections for Maximum Relationship Building Tags are simple key words you can use to organize your LinkedIn connections to filter them quickly. You can categorize people according to profession, company, position, location, where you met, or other important factors. How to add or […] Read more

Feb, 15, 2012


Personal Branding Traits – What Sets You Apart?

I had a personal branding expert whom I highly respect tell me yesterday that a key trait of my personal brand is that I pride myself on generating social capital – promoting others and being helpful to others, in person and on the web. I rave about others and promote them at least twice as […] Read more

Jan, 29, 2012


What is your Brand Personality?

  A brand personality is the way your brand speaks and behaves in terms of human characteristics. So what is yours?   If you can’t answer that question right now. Yes, right now! Stop what you are doing and go to and buy Lida Citroen’s book… it gives you step-by-step instructions to build your […] Read more

Dec, 12, 2011


You Might Work in Social Media If…

@jasonkeath–  Thank you for this! From one social media nerd to another, you had me laughing hysterically at this list and also getting super geeked out about it! 54 Warning Signs You Might Work In Social Media. Please be sure to visit Jason’s website for other fun blogs! I added #55 and on… You might […] Read more

Dec, 08, 2011


How to Get Quality Recommendations on LinkedIn

Having valuable, recent recommendations displayed on your LinkedIn profile is necessary to your professional online presence and a key part of your social media strategy and ongoing marketing efforts. Why? Most people, after meeting you in person or after receiving your name as a referral will Google you or search for you elsewhere online to […] Read more

Nov, 21, 2011


Meghann Recommends: Networking in Denver

Networking is something that needs to be practiced. It does not come naturally to most and for those to whom it does come naturally, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is being done properly. This is a simple debate over quality vs. quantity. Entrepreneurs (especially those who have come to this world from the corporate world) […] Read more

My Favorite Quotes of All Time

By the way, if I don’t have a name next to the quote it’s because I don’t know who said it… feel free to comment with the appropriate name so I can give credit where credit is due! “The mind attracts that which it feeds upon.” Napoleon Hill “If only closed minds came with closed […] Read more

Meghann Recommends – Auto Broker in Denver

Any one else feel like they want to add more tasks to their plate? Me neither! As a business owner, it seems like even if I worked 24 hours a day 8 days a week (yes, 8), I still wouldn’t get everything done.  That’s why when I got in a car accident and had to […] Read more

Nov, 14, 2011


Would You Build a House Without a Foundation?

Would you build a house with out a foundation?         Doubtful. Well then why on earth would you build a business without a brand foundation?! Creating a brand foundation is paramount in the success of your business for long-term growth and sustainability. Why? Establishing a solid foundation allows you to control what […] Read more

Nov, 08, 2011


Meghann Recommends – Weight Loss in Denver

Ever feel like you’ve tried everything, literally, everything to get rid of your problem areas and nothing would work?  Yeah well, that was me with my “thunder thighs,” or as Dr. Shelly so nicely refers to them – my hips. I’ve been self conscious about them my whole life and even when I was in […] Read more

Nov, 07, 2011


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