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Life as an Only Child

Recently I posed a question on Facebook asking for the other only children out there to chime in and tell me how they felt about being an only child. The responses actually astonished me – most of the people replied how they couldn’t stand it. I loved growing up as an only child. In fact, I can […] Read more

LinkedIn Endorsements

The Mistress of Social Media™ Meghann Conter here with another social media update! LinkedIn Endorsements was added in late September, 2012, and is a feature that allows you to recommend the skills and expertise of your LinkedIn connections. You can endorse them based on the skills they have listed on their profile or you can […] Read more

What’s up with these hackers??

Many of the people I follow on Twitter have been sending errant tweets obviously not created by them, and the Facebook messages I’m getting from my friends definitely aren’t coming from my friends. Recently a friend of mine lost her entire profile because someone hacked in, changed the security questions, and then shut the profile […] Read more

Sep, 14, 2012


Networking – Don’t Be a Card Collector

Are you one of those people who’s Networking- Phobic? Perhaps you’ve been attending networking events for a while now and haven’t seen the results you would like to see? I’ve developed 5 easy steps for you to follow to get your networking actually working for you! This is #1. 1. Approach networking from a relationship […] Read more

Coming out of Darkness and Overwhelm into Happiness and Joy

How much easier can spreading consciousness be?? One of my favorite clients is Rikka Zimmerman and working with her and attending her classes, I have already experienced such amazing shifts in my life. Some of the areas I’ve done complete 180’s in: Relationship, Business, Money, Health, just to name a few. Why am I blogging about […] Read more

Social Media Strategy 101 Interview with ActionCOACH Susan Roberts on ESPN 102.3 Radio

*Click this link: [mp3j track=”RadioInterview@″] From the show Coaching Not Just For Sports; Aired on April 1, 2012; 30 minutes in length Susan Roberts, ActionCOACH Denver & Meghann Conter, the Mistress of Media – Owner and Founder of Your Social Source speak about marketing mediums for businesses, specifically focusing on the beginnings of a […] Read more

Apr, 20, 2012


Are you Posting on Facebook and Hearing Crickets??

Check Your Status Update Inline Audience Selector!!           I have had numerous clients call me lately frustrated because people are not commenting on their Facebook updates (when they have in the past.) Here’s what to do! Go to create a status update either from Home or your Timeline and look at […] Read more

Mar, 28, 2012


Facebook Friend Requests – Do’s and Don’ts

I receive multitudes of friend requests from people who have profiles with no information filled in whatsoever or those that are on “lock down,” and from which I had received no personal introduction message.  It just makes me wonder – why? Would this person walk up to me at a networking event or in a […] Read more

What services does the Mistress of Media Offer and Who Does She Work With?

Often times people ask me what the Mistress of Social Media of Your Social Source does. Here it is, nitty gritty style. Social Media for Companies Social Media Workshops Social Media Consulting Social Media Group Coaching Social Media One on One Coaching   Would you like more information? Feel free to send me an email: […] Read more

Mar, 06, 2012


Pinterest, What is it & Who’s on it?

Are you interested in the new social phenomenon that is Pinterest? I’ve pulled together some information to explain what Pinterest is and also have included interesting articles on this phenomenal site where “Pinners”organize and share things they find on the web on boards, similar to a virtual scrapbook. To get an account, you can go […] Read more

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