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Defining Your Company’s Target Market

Learn about how to define your company’s target market:

What To Do When You Just Don’t Have Enough Time

I love Rumi for his simple and deeply profound truths: “You know how it is. Sometimes we plan a trip to one place, but something takes us to another.” It’s truer in business than seemingly anywhere else in life – the best laid plans… you know. Sure, you plan out your calendar, but the day […] Read more

What do You Need to Leave Behind to Get to Where You’re Going?

I am honored to be recognized as an Extraordinary Woman in an interview by Kami Guildner on her podcast – Extraordinary Women Radio! In the interview, I share my personal story of leaving alcohol behind my life in October of 2017 and all that this decision has created in my life and business. Check it […] Read more

Aug, 29, 2018


Building Long-Lasting Power Partnerships

What if you could measure more than 75% of your business coming from cultivated relationships? What if you could have FUN with and ENJOY these relationships? What if they could bring you vetted, ideal new business? And what if, when those prospects came to you, they were already halfway through your sales cycle and all […] Read more

Nov, 27, 2017


Optimizing Your Marketing Conversion Funnel

A marketing conversion funnel is simply the path users take to becoming your clients. Whether you have taken the time to identify this or not, the marketing conversion funnel exists for every business. Some businesses have ten funnels, others just one. Regardless of how many funnels you have, it is imperative you become aware of […] Read more

Jul, 25, 2016


The Marketing Tracking Checklist

Admittedly, marketing tracking is not the most colorful of topics.  In fact, when we bring this up with most of our clients, they cringe at just the thought of dealing with things like website pixels, reports and tracking platforms. But Marketing tracking and reporting are truly vital to the success of any business. When implemented correctly, they provide actionable insights […] Read more

Jun, 21, 2016


Cultivating “Bullseye” Clients

I want to make something clear right up front. Your Target Market is not your Ideal Client and vice versa. Looking at the diagram, you will notice that your tribe (target market) represents the broad group of clients you serve and the Avatar (ideal client) is the fictitious character that is at the “bullseye” of […] Read more

May, 03, 2016


Strategy First, Tactics Second

How The Mistress of Marketing can help you find your Business’ DNA. A summary in reference to Episode 76 of the Nancy Gaines Show podcast. Who is “The Mistress of Marketing™”? Meghann wasn’t always a marketing coach helping female visionary leaders maximize their impact on the world. She started out in the the buttoned-up, super fun […] Read more

Apr, 27, 2016


One of the Most Powerful, and Underused, Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Building strategic partnerships can be the key to fast , efficient growth for entrepreneurs. Finding the right strategic partners, developing strong relationships with them, and activating those relationships over time can lead to new business, other key connections, and masterminding possibilities galore. In my experience, however, this powerful marketing tool (yes, it’s a marketing tool […] Read more

Jan, 21, 2016


Laughter really is the best medicine at Denver Dames

I created Denver Dames events with entertainment (specifically laughter-inducing entertainment) at the forefront because I believe it opens up the space for connecting on a deep level unlike anything available to high-level female entrepreneurs in Denver. There are so many great events out there that are more serious, some that create opportunities for women to […] Read more

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