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Please, take a couple minutes to answer the questions below by selecting the radio button which best describes your company’s current approach to marketing. Then, enter your name and email address at the bottom, click the “Get My Results” button, and you’ll receive a custom response in your inbox right away!

Note: This is not an opportunity for you to self-flagellate. If you already feel like you’re going to get a bad grade, please still complete the questions. This quiz isn’t designed to make you feel like you suck at marketing; the results you receive will include valuable suggestions to implement in order to improve what you are currently doing. And, if you are stellar at what you are doing, I won’t hold back on the praise, I promise!



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  • 1.How clear are you on your target market?

    • a.I’m really not sure.
    • b.I have an idea of who they are, but it is not specific yet.
    • c.I am definitely clear on who they are because I know their demographics, geographics, behaviors and more.

  • 2.Select the statement below that most accurately describes your lead conversion tracking.

    • a. What does the question mean?
    • b.I try different ways of marketing my business and there is little predictability or consistency to where my leads come from and how they convert into clients.
    • c.I know exactly where my leads come from and how they convert because I track them weekly/monthly.

  • 3.What marketing reports do you review every month?

    • a.No reports.
    • b.I get different reports from various outsourced companies and/or my team, (SEO, Social Media, Website Traffic, etc.) but they don’t ALL show me the money I’m making or the clients I’m getting from these efforts.
    • c.I know the exact dollars and number of new clients all of my marketing generates and I track key performance indicators that prove it to me.

  • 4.Select the statement below that best describes your brand:

    • a.I have a logo; that’s our brand, right?
    • b.I do a pretty good job keeping our messaging consistent across platforms. I think the brand is represented well.
    • c.Our brand was built by experts and we regularly check in with ideal clients/perform focus groups to make sure it continues to portray us accurately.

  • 5.What are your company’s revenue goals this year and the next calendar year?

    • a.I just want to do good in the world. Nothing on paper for this.
    • b.We have revenue goals; but I’m not sure how to tie them directly to marketing.
    • c.I have marketing revenue goals and they are tied to my overall revenue goals.

  • 6.How do you feel about the products/services your company offers?

    • a.I’m content with what we have to offer and I don’t really care to rock the boat by making changes.
    • b.I see opportunity to improve our product/service offerings.
    • c.We created our offerings based on research and with our customers in mind.

  • 7.How many referrals do you get from strategic partners and other sources monthly?

    • a. I receive zero to very few referrals.
    • b.I get referrals pretty often, from various people, with no measurable frequency.
    • c.I receive referrals from an activated, nourished tribe of power partners and referral sources whom I speak to frequently and thank and help in return.

  • 8.How qualified do you feel you or a member of your in-house team are at building and executing a marketing strategy that produces results?

    • a.I am not really doing this, and I don’t really have anyone in-house who can do this.
    • b.I have a marketing assistant or outsourced team members who help with the day-to-day tactics but I don’t have anyone who does overall marketing strategy.
    • c.I am a qualified Chief Marketing Officer and I can do this in my sleep or someone else on my team in-house or outsourced does this for us.

  • 9.How did you choose the marketing tactics you use? (Social media sites, email marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, blogging, etc.)

    • a.I am trying a bunch of different things that were recommended to me by many different sources.
    • b.I have been advised by some marketing professionals as to what to do to market my company.
    • c.I chose my marketing tactics based on where my target market hangs out and responds online and offline and I analyze their efficiencies based on my KPI’s and marketing goals.

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