Laughter really is the best medicine at Denver Dames

I created Denver Dames events with entertainment (specifically laughter-inducing entertainment) at the forefront because I believe it opens up the space for connecting on a deep level unlike anything available to high-level female entrepreneurs in Denver. There are so many great events out there that are more serious, some that create opportunities for women to connect on an emotional level, there are also other events where education is the cornerstone. My commitment is that Denver Dames events will always have a light and humorous tone. Here's why…

First, laughter is infectious. It can make others smile and feel happier, which can open up potential connections. Also, you may have had the experience of entering a room where people are laughing and before long you are laughing without even knowing why. It is a connection without words. Many people believe that the purpose of laughter is related to making and strengthening human connections.

Additionally, we are more likely to remember and want to be around the people who cheer us up and make us laugh! Laughter stimulates both sides of the brain to enhance learning by easing muscle tension and psychological stress. This allows people to retain more information! All in all, laughter provides positive improvements to our psychological and physical state to allow for a deeper connection and enhanced relationships!

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