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Extraordinary Business Women
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I love working with women business owners who are transforming their clients’ lives, their businesses, their industries and maybe even the world with their unique services and products.

My clients share my passion for raising collective consciousness to make a huge difference in the lives of the people they serve. These visionary female leaders (and a few brave men) are:

  • Coaches
  • Business consultants
  • Change agents
  • Speakers and authors
  • Holistic health practitioners
  • Fitness and wellness practitioners
  • Creatives
  • Subject matter experts

Evolving Businesses

Evolving businesses are run by extraordinary women business owners who:

  • Have been in business for 5+ years, or have experienced fast growth in less than 5 years
  • Recognize that the “throw stuff up against a wall” approach is not providing the results they need to increase revenue substantially
  • Are deeply driven by passion to create significant impact on their clients, in their industries, and on the planet as a whole

During our time working together, I help evolving business owners transform their marketing into a strategic approach that produces measurable, repeatable results. That means:

  • Recreating a business marketing foundation with intention
  • Building a marketing and content plan that’s strongly supported by that new foundation
  • Training the appropriate internal staff to execute these plans or
  • Helping find the appropriate outsourced resources / hire new team members

After this period of transformation, I serve as their outsourced Marketing Director, reviewing performance and strategizing new marketing campaigns while helping the team implement these strategies effectively and efficiently. I serve as the outsourced marketing director until the budget allows, if ever, to bring on an in-house marketing director.


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“Working with Meghann to develop a strategic approach to our marketing saved us on average $1,000 a month in marketing costs and brought instant additional revenue of approximately $10,000 per month from new offerings we created because of her direction and execution!

She helped us relaunch our website in December and add automated campaigns within it. Our traffic and leads have spiked enormously as a result!”

Jessica F. ,  TransWorld Business Advisors