I Love Being Weird!

Love being weirdThe other day, my best friend, whom I've known nearly my whole life said to me for about the thousandth time “Meghann, you're so weird!” And I responded as I normally do, “thank you.” I received a message on Facebook just yesterday from a complete stranger who has been subscribed to my posts  who “just had to reach out and tell you that I love your energy, it's apparent you're not afraid to be yourself in any setting and that's really nice to see.”

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not so weird that people stare at me sideways when I walk down the street or anything, I'm just never afraid to let whatever adventurous energy is in me come out to play. I realized this could be part of my personal brand even before I got out of corporate America. My second boss at my very “type A” job (I didn't make it there very long) who loved my personality and I dug his (which is probably why I lasted there as long as I did) used to call me “Spunky.” I don't think he even used my name when he referred to me in meetings.

Over the last two years I have realized life isn't about what I do, who I know, where I go, or why I do what I do; it's about who I be, when I truly be me. It's that deep essence of seizing who I am when I just ‘be‘ – not masked by my personality, not tainted by a fake projection to fit in to a certain setting, and letting my being out. It's when I stopped looking at myself as how I “fit in” to this reality, and start letting my true nature, from deep within my soul, out to play, that I really started loving life.

When we embrace our true self, whatever that looks like for us as an individual, more stuff starts showing up that just is “right” for us. In business, I'm happy to say, it's the right clients – those whom you wake up thinking of ideas for, and go to bed grateful for having worked with,because you  love working with them. Personally, you begin to attract people who you enjoy spending time with, because they match your energy and vibrate at the same frequency.

I'm not ‘all' the way there yet, but I tell you, the more I embrace my quirks, catch myself when I'm taking on someone else's energy, and allow myself to “be” with whatever I am feeling at that time, the easier living in this very interesting reality, and the more enjoyable, it becomes.

All my friends out there who are willing to embrace that you are different, we are all different, that you can't be compared to anyone else because there is no one like you… comment below and tell me why you love you?

Jan, 16, 2013