How to Perform a Blog Post Brainstorm and Why

It often happens to many business owners after meeting with an online/content marketing strategist – the deer in headlights look – when they are presented with their strategy, part of which states that they should implement “2,000 new words on their website a month” or “write a new blog post each week.” The immediate response for many is paralysis, or “what the heck am I going to talk about” or “there's no way I have that much interesting stuff to say.”

Because I'm one of those nice strategists who usually prescribes the above mentioned strategy, I created this “How To” blog that will give you a process for a) coming up with relevant topics and b) implementing them.

First step, take a deep breath.

Second, know you can do this.

Step by Step, baby steps.

1. Get to know your target audience. Need help doing this part? Read my Target Market blog post here.

2. Visualize your avatar (your ideal client.)

3. Get out an old-fashioned notebook and pen, or open a new document on your computer

3. Begin creating lists for the following items

  • Frequently Asked Questions – yes, there are millions of them. You know, the things that every prospect asks you when they are inquiring about your services/products. And the questions that every client asks along the way. Yes, those.
  • What were they feeling before they hired you? What were the problems they were running away from? What were they calling out for help with?
  • What are the top pleasures they are running toward? What are the goals they are trying to achieve by using your service?
  • As for your past clients, what did they love most about your process? When they sang/sing your praises, what do they say about you? What are the biggest results they achieved in working with you, both tangibly and emotionally?
  • What do they care most about in life, in general?
  • What do they fear most in life, in general?
  • What are the things I love to talk about most? What are my interests both with regard to my profession and in my life?

Now that you've taken your time and answered these questions, you should have a good list sitting right there in front of you. Sweet! You've got a great beginning.

4. Look at these topics and begin to create a new category called “magnetizing blog post titles.”

At this point, I would recommend using the Google Keyword Planner Tool to see which items get more searches and put them in order. But that's a bit more advanced, and a topic for a different blog post.

In order to create blog post titles, you want to take into consideration the keywords that achieve high search results, AND, most importantly, you want to create “magnetizing titles” (titles that are interesting, informative, and magnetizing for your ideal client.)

Here's an example. You are a career coach and you have determined that your target audience is goal-driven professional women in the medical and financial industries (optometrists, health practitioners, dentists, financial advisors, bankers.) Here are a few of your brainstormed topics from above:



Time Management

“Magnetizing Titles”

Self-Confidence – Stop Self-Sabotaging and Start Living Vibrantly

Honoring YOU; 5 Simple Changes to your Work Life to Give you More YOU Time

5, Now that you've got your “Magnetizing Titles,” put some bullet points beneath each topic so that you can remember when it comes time to write the post, what you were talking about 😉

You could now  run these topics past your marketing strategist for their expert feedback.

Then, if you are a systematic person, you could put these titles into an editorial calendar. Or, if you are less systematic, then schedule a time each week or once a month where you can sit down and pull topics from your fabulous list and begin writing!

Your new list should provide you with quality content for at least a year. Don't be afraid to add more topics to your list as you get asked more questions by your clients and prospects. There are truly endless amounts of content right in front of us, sometimes we just need to be reminded!