Demystifying Marketing

When you break it down, marketing is simply getting the word out about your business, its products or services, and the benefits of buying from you, communicated to a targeted market. In practice, however, it can feel way more complicated.

There are sales funnels, Facebook ads, social media, email campaigns, and so many subsets of marketing that it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the sea of options.

So, let’s take a minute to demystify this massive buffet of opportunities because once you ‘crack the code’ on marketing, it really does become simple – not just logistically, but emotionally as well.

I’ve seen a lot of shame in female business owners when it comes to the world of marketing. Feeling like you don’t understand what to do next, can’t figure out who you’re supposed to talk to, or don’t know how to express what makes your company awesome is all too common.

We’re all beginners until we’re not. But I see too many female business owners feeling shameful, unworthy, or incapable when they get overwhelmed with their own marketing.

I’ve also seen dramatic changes in business growth for my clients when we shift their focus to their target market – made up of both demographics and psychographics.

After we honed in on their messaging to speak directly to the needs and wants of their target audience, Transworld Business Advisors of Denver experienced 600% increase in website conversions. They rebuilt their website based on these results, skyrocketed their business from a $500k company to well over a $1m company in a year.

Focusing on their market in all their marketing and sales efforts helped demystify it. How can you make a shift like that?

Demystifying is actually a 5-step process, and it all begins with 1 very important step.
Get to know your target audience intimately.

*You want to be able to think like your target audience
*You want to be able to speak/write like your target audience
*You want to be able to feel your target audience’s pain points
*You want to be able to desire your target audience’s solutions
*You want to be able to imagine your target audience’s life with the solution

If you can't immediately describe your target audience in just a sentence or two, then stop all of your other marketing conversations.

When you don’t know who your target market is (and what their needs are), you’re likely to waste time, money and energy: networking in the wrong places, running Facebook ads to audiences that are targeted willy nilly and result in little to no return, spending money sponsoring events that your target audience don’t attend, and more.

Likewise, if you’re trying to target multiple audiences with a small marketing budget, it’s even less probable that you’ll see good results. Your small budget is being stretched between too many audiences, meaning you either won’t hit your target at all or you’ll see meager results at best. I did a video on why this doesn’t work and what to do instead.

You might notice that none of those steps include talking about your process, how you walk a client through the problem to the solution, or any of the benefits of your services. It’s all very feeling-oriented: how it feels to have their problem, how it feels to want a solution, how it feels to have the solution.

You’ll never talk about the product features of service benefits until someone has decided you’re the right person to work with, and you move into the onboarding stage.

So, stop worrying about the details and get back to your target audience’s big picture. Because when everything you say and every piece of content you publish is focused on your target audience, you’ve reduced the sea of options into a small pool of choices perfectly suited to your ideal client.

Talk about simplicity!


Ready to simplify your marketing with a focused approach to your target audience? Schedule a call with me, or fill out the form on my website, and let’s talk about how you put your marketing budget to work for you.

Mar, 12, 2019