Holding Space for Lisa to Take Flight & Create Powerful Change for Women

I connect with clients through a number of ways: referrals from power partners and past clients, my workshops, social media, 3to5, and, more and more often, because of a dream.

Lisa Sherrill of www.EmbodiAliveness.com, reached out to me on Facebook in August, 2014 saying, “I’ve been seeing you in my dreams. I’m being guided to talk to you.”

I had met Lisa in one of my client Rikka’s spiritual expansion classes a year prior; we had barely spoken to one another. However, based on the fact that Lisa is highly intuitive, she followed her knowing to reach out to me and ask how I could help her with creating services, pricing, and getting her business off the ground. Lisa, having struggled with overeating and yo-yo dieting for 25+ years, coaches women to heal trauma in their bodies and learn to stop using food and dieting as a way to cope with deeper pains. She has an incredible way of guiding every woman she works with to fall deeply in love with themselves and their bodies.

Putting a Marketing Plan in Action

“Before working with Meghann I wasn’t doing much marketing wise,” Lisa explained. “I had read a book that gave me the steps to build a marketing plan, but I didn’t have what I needed to attract my avatar. I realized that, and that’s when I started dreaming about Meghann.”

Lisa knew her avatar well (having been one herself) – adult women who want to stop yo-yo dieting  for good. Together, we worked to get clarity on how to reach her audience online, to develop 1:1 packages, and to effectively use Facebook in building a community and online influence, and to develop and promote teleclasses, which are a lead-in to her coaching packages.

“Meghann showed me how to get people interested in what I’m saying,” she said. “Before Meghann, I don’t think anyone had read a blog post on my site. They were written like dissertations.

“She also showed me how to create Facebook images and tag people and other ‘ninja’ tricks. Now everyone on Facebook knows what I do and my message is spreading easily. It’s very novel.” I have a growing following and I am beginning to see that my vision of a world where dieting ends and we all love ourselves and our bodies infinitely, can come true.

The Immediate Successes

In my opinion, one of the earliest and biggest successes for Lisa had to be her very first teleclass. It can be difficult to get your first batch of interested fans on a call with you, but Lisa had a wonderful turnout and is now set-up to continue the model and use it for filling her sales funnel.

Lisa agrees. She says that having me there throughout the entire process, even on her first call, helped her feel more secure in marketing herself, in stepping out as our true, authentic self… something that can often feel awkward at first.

“I’m not your standard psychologist. I know a lot of people ‘channel,’ and that it’s not that big of a deal, but for me it is a big deal. Some view me as a weirdo (and run away), while others love what I offer. I understand that now. And I know how to attract the people who “get” me.”

“Meghann gives me the courage to be the weirdo. Her spirit uplifts me and gives me the courage that this might be possible. She helps me to take action.”

Lisa went on to explain that our work together gave her the space she needed to open up to her potential and move into the place she needed to market her business.

“There are many marketers who can help, but the way Meghann holds her clients in that safe space, the way she champions us to a level that is indescribable, is what sets her apart.”

To learn about Lisa’s incredible practice and to sign up for her next teleclass, or to download her free ebook chapter to learn how Lisa cured herself from a lifetime of binge eating, visit www.embodialiveness.com.