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New Facebook Feature – Photo Comments!

Quick Update: You can now comment with a photo on updates… via your personal profile…   Cool, huh? Much more fun to engage with a photo… and perhaps this will result in me using far less emoticons to convey my sarcasm or other emotion. I can just take “selfies” of my reaction to someone’s post: […] Read more

Jun, 19, 2013



Social Media Engagement Success – It’s All in the Foundation

A question I get frequently from small business owners is “how do I get more fan engagement” This point usually points to the lack of a developed content strategy, or the need to tweak their existing strategy. As marketers of any brand, there are two assets to work with – time and money. Large companies […] Read more

Why Leaders Who Produce Regular Quality Content Will Win

A concept I learned many years ago, which has helped me understand the psychology of Internet users and my clients, is known as the 90-9-1 theory of Participation Inequality. Studied and reported first and most by Will Hill and Jakob Nielsen. This theory states that, on the Internet, 90% of users are lurkers, producing almost […] Read more

Networking Tips: Online or Offline, Connection is Everything

Whether you are just starting out in business or you’ve owned a company for years, you know that connections and authentic relationships are everything. And if you are a newbie entrepreneur, chances are you’ll spend a good amount of time your first couple of years running around town having way too many coffee meetings, resulting […] Read more

Apr, 16, 2013



GOTCHA! How to Market a Product or Service Visually

If you’re reading this blog post it’s probably because the image that goes along with it grabbed your attention. If not, you are now looking for the image within this blog post and you’re going to read it. Perhaps you came to this blog post from Pinterest, or maybe from Facebook or Twitter or an […] Read more

People Love Bacon

How do you, as the content producer for your company, create compelling content for your social media sites? Make your content engaging and appealing to your target market. Simple. A recent article in Fast Company, called the Art of Dialogue said “brands ought to start acting less like things and more like people, and they […] Read more

Jan, 24, 2013



Photo Editing Apps – Alternatives to Instagram

In response to the articles that have been posted in recent days regarding Instagram’s claim to sell the rights to their users’ photos (see article here,) And, as with anything you learn via viral flurry, it’s a good idea to check your facts. Here is a good article about the legal ease and the true […] Read more

LinkedIn Endorsements

The Mistress of Social Media™ Meghann Conter here with another social media update! LinkedIn Endorsements was added in late September, 2012, and is a feature that allows you to recommend the skills and expertise of your LinkedIn connections. You can endorse them based on the skills they have listed on their profile or you can […] Read more

Social Media Strategy 101 Interview with ActionCOACH Susan Roberts on ESPN 102.3 Radio

*Click this link: [mp3j track=”RadioInterview@″] From the show Coaching Not Just For Sports; Aired on April 1, 2012; 30 minutes in length Susan Roberts, ActionCOACH Denver & Meghann Conter, the Mistress of Media – Owner and Founder of Your Social Source speak about marketing mediums for businesses, specifically focusing on the beginnings of a […] Read more

Apr, 20, 2012



Are you Posting on Facebook and Hearing Crickets??

Check Your Status Update Inline Audience Selector!!           I have had numerous clients call me lately frustrated because people are not commenting on their Facebook updates (when they have in the past.) Here’s what to do! Go to create a status update either from Home or your Timeline and look at […] Read more

Mar, 28, 2012



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