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Home Remedies for Removing Fruit Flies

I had to write this blog post because these dang insects are driving me nuts, I’m sure there’s someone out there in my tribe who’s getting driven nuts by them too! I will let you know which remedy works best! Post by Meghann Conter.

Sep, 04, 2013



Best Bootcamps in Denver, Blunt Force Training

I see a lot of posts for bootcamps that say things like “no more excuses,” “blast your fat,” but really none of that language appeals to me. What I love about Blunt Force Training is that the trainers are personable and they care about you and what you want to create in your life, there is a […] Read more

What’s up with these hackers??

Many of the people I follow on Twitter have been sending errant tweets obviously not created by them, and the Facebook messages I’m getting from my friends definitely aren’t coming from my friends. Recently a friend of mine lost her entire profile because someone hacked in, changed the security questions, and then shut the profile […] Read more

Sep, 14, 2012



Networking – Don’t Be a Card Collector

Are you one of those people who’s Networking- Phobic? Perhaps you’ve been attending networking events for a while now and haven’t seen the results you would like to see? I’ve developed 5 easy steps for you to follow to get your networking actually working for you! This is #1. 1. Approach networking from a relationship […] Read more

Coming out of Darkness and Overwhelm into Happiness and Joy

How much easier can spreading consciousness be?? One of my favorite clients is Rikka Zimmerman and working with her and attending her classes, I have already experienced such amazing shifts in my life. Some of the areas I’ve done complete 180’s in: Relationship, Business, Money, Health, just to name a few. Why am I blogging about […] Read more

Meghann Recommends: Networking in Denver

Networking is something that needs to be practiced. It does not come naturally to most and for those to whom it does come naturally, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is being done properly. This is a simple debate over quality vs. quantity. Entrepreneurs (especially those who have come to this world from the corporate world) […] Read more

My Favorite Quotes of All Time

By the way, if I don’t have a name next to the quote it’s because I don’t know who said it… feel free to comment with the appropriate name so I can give credit where credit is due! “The mind attracts that which it feeds upon.” Napoleon Hill “If only closed minds came with closed […] Read more


Meghann Recommends – Auto Broker in Denver

Any one else feel like they want to add more tasks to their plate? Me neither! As a business owner, it seems like even if I worked 24 hours a day 8 days a week (yes, 8), I still wouldn’t get everything done.  That’s why when I got in a car accident and had to […] Read more

Nov, 14, 2011



Meghann Recommends – Weight Loss in Denver

Ever feel like you’ve tried everything, literally, everything to get rid of your problem areas and nothing would work?  Yeah well, that was me with my “thunder thighs,” or as Dr. Shelly so nicely refers to them – my hips. I’ve been self conscious about them my whole life and even when I was in […] Read more

Nov, 07, 2011



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