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Brand Building is Personal

I get a lot of questions about where to draw the line between personal and professional. My answer? When it comes to branding yourself, there really isn’t a line at all. Most of the internet will tell you how important it is to create separation between your work life and your personal life, but I’m […] Read more


Defining Your Company’s Target Market

Learn about how to define your company’s target market:


What To Do When You Just Don’t Have Enough Time

I love Rumi for his simple and deeply profound truths: “You know how it is. Sometimes we plan a trip to one place, but something takes us to another.” It’s truer in business than seemingly anywhere else in life – the best laid plans… you know. Sure, you plan out your calendar, but the day […] Read more


Building Long-Lasting Power Partnerships

What if you could measure more than 75% of your business coming from cultivated relationships? What if you could have FUN with and ENJOY these relationships? What if they could bring you vetted, ideal new business? And what if, when those prospects came to you, they were already halfway through your sales cycle and all […] Read more

Nov, 27, 2017



Optimizing Your Marketing Conversion Funnel

A marketing conversion funnel is simply the path users take to becoming your clients. Whether you have taken the time to identify this or not, the marketing conversion funnel exists for every business. Some businesses have ten funnels, others just one. Regardless of how many funnels you have, it is imperative you become aware of […] Read more

Jul, 25, 2016



The Marketing Tracking Checklist

Admittedly, marketing tracking is not the most colorful of topics.  In fact, when we bring this up with most of our clients, they cringe at just the thought of dealing with things like website pixels, reports and tracking platforms. But Marketing tracking and reporting are truly vital to the success of any business. When implemented correctly, they provide actionable insights […] Read more

Jun, 21, 2016



Pic Monkey, a Great Substitute for Photoshop

For years, I created illustrations for blog posts, images for Facebook, Pinterest, etc using Photoshop. It’s a great piece of software, don’t get me wrong, it’s just expensive and does way more than I need. I mean, I had to take a college class to understand how to use Photosohp for goodness sake. 

Mar, 10, 2015



Peg Calvario Gets Clear On One Thing: How to Attract Ideal Clients

For 25 years Peg Calvario ( worked with her husband to run their family-owned business in the fitness industry. After selling that business five years ago she decided to move on to a new venture—coaching for professionals—but was surprised when her marketing didn’t come as easy as before. “I had a lot of experience in […] Read more

Brenda Abdilla, Successful Career Coach Transforms Her Marketing with the Mistress

Client Spotlight: Brenda Abdilla and A Magic Social Media Strategy In the spring of 2013, Career Coach Brenda Abdilla and her team planned and subsequently cancelled six workshops designed to promote her new book and MOMentum Mastermind Group. All six of the cancellations were due to low registration numbers. Brenda knew she had identified an […] Read more


Looking for New Ways to Serve your Target Audience and Make Money? Try Affiliate Marketing!

In case you haven’t yet tapped into it, affiliate programs can be a *great* source of additional income for anyone who has a sphere of influence. How big does that sphere of influence have to be you ask? Well, if they are like-minded and share similar interests, it doesn’t have to be very big at […] Read more

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