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Optimizing Your Marketing Conversion Funnel

A marketing conversion funnel is simply the path users take to becoming your clients. Whether you have taken the time to identify this or not, the marketing conversion funnel exists for every business. Some businesses have ten funnels, others just one. Regardless of how many funnels you have, it is imperative you become aware of […] Read more

Jul, 25, 2016



The Marketing Tracking Checklist

Admittedly, marketing tracking is not the most colorful of topics.  In fact, when we bring this up with most of our clients, they cringe at just the thought of dealing with things like website pixels, reports and tracking platforms. But Marketing tracking and reporting are truly vital to the success of any business. When implemented correctly, they provide actionable insights […] Read more

Jun, 21, 2016



Strategy First, Tactics Second

How The Mistress of Marketing can help you find your Business’ DNA. A summary in reference to Episode 76 of the Nancy Gaines Show podcast. Who is “The Mistress of Marketing™”? Meghann wasn’t always a marketing coach helping female visionary leaders maximize their impact on the world. She started out in the the buttoned-up, super fun […] Read more

Apr, 27, 2016



Laughter really is the best medicine at Denver Dames

I created Denver Dames events with entertainment (specifically laughter-inducing entertainment) at the forefront because I believe it opens up the space for connecting on a deep level unlike anything available to high-level female entrepreneurs in Denver. There are so many great events out there that are more serious, some that create opportunities for women to […] Read more


The Lotus of Life

This week, at the Real Life Book Club social, I was on the panel of authentic experts and we were asked, “What was the defining moment when you knew you needed to do something different in your life to move forward in a big way?” I love panels where you don’t know the questions you’ll be asked, because they are an opportunity for me to speak from the heart rather than think through the correct answer.

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes You HAVE to Stop Making Now!

We’ve all done it. We start our business, and we begin throwing marketing tactics up against a wall to see what sticks. We put out a Facebook post here, start a LinkedIn group there, give Google AdWords an attempt or two, create some blog posts, hire an SEO firm to get us that coveted “top […] Read more

Jul, 07, 2015



Pic Monkey, a Great Substitute for Photoshop

For years, I created illustrations for blog posts, images for Facebook, Pinterest, etc using Photoshop. It’s a great piece of software, don’t get me wrong, it’s just expensive and does way more than I need. I mean, I had to take a college class to understand how to use Photosohp for goodness sake. 

Mar, 10, 2015



Holding Space for Lisa to Take Flight & Create Powerful Change for Women

I connect with clients through a number of ways: referrals from power partners and past clients, my workshops, social media, 3to5, and, more and more often, because of a dream.

Gathering Effective Client Testimonials

We’ve all heard it time and time again: “Collect testimonials from your satisfied clients!” And yet, so often as business owners, we ignore this sage advice, or the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ takes over and we don’t make the time to gather these important words of satisfaction. Just like anything else in our businesses, remembering […] Read more

How to Perform a Blog Post Brainstorm and Why

It often happens to many business owners after meeting with an online/content marketing strategist – the deer in headlights look – when they are presented with their strategy, part of which states that they should implement “2,000 new words on their website a month” or “write a new blog post each week.” The immediate response […] Read more

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