Case Study: How To Refresh A 70-Year-Old Brand

Englewood, Colorado based Garvin’s Sewer Service got its start in 1940. After 70 years this family-run business is going strong and still serving many of the same customers after decades. However, reaching new customers in the crowded online space has been challenging for Garvin’s for a few reasons.

  1. The company name doesn’t make what they do totally obvious. (It’s not clear that they offer plumbing services.)
  2. Who wants to follow a plumbing company on social media?
  3. Finding the time for social media marketing wasn’t easy. Company General Manager Kris Jordan had a hard time getting it done each month.

    Plumbing Girl flanked by her creators.

    Plumbing Girl flanked by her creators.

The Seeds of an Idea

While I’d love to say that dreamed up the solution to Garvin’s social media challenges on my own, this creative plumbing company did a lot of the work on their own. I have been the catalyst to help them get content in place, create new and fun branding ideas, and track progress to prove it is working.

“I met Meghann at a networking event awhile back,” Kris explained. “At networking events I would introduce myself as ‘Kris Plumbing Girl Jordan’ so that I’d be more memorable. When we hired Meghann to do a marketing assessment she saw the Plumber Girl as an opportunity.”

Opportunity indeed.

Since those early days at networking events, Plumber Girl has come a long way. Now this seemingly “boring” plumbing company has a character straight out of the 1940s to share blog and social media content in a fun, interesting way for customers, for those interested in plumbing, and even for those who have an interest in a Rose-the-Riveter inspired, sexy yet family-friendly Plumbing Girl.

Implementing the Solution

Each month I visit with Kris to evaluate contemporary marketing performance against their goals and objectives, and then we go into FUN content production mode using Kris' expertise in plumbing.

Some specific things we've done besides launch the Plumber Girl persona:Like Plumbing Girl

  • Evaluate company goals and use social media to assist in achieving them.
  • Create a new Facebook page and Pinterest account where social media engagement has tripled.
  • Developed exciting campaigns to engage their target audience, which we call “the ladies of the house.”
  • Finally, of course, we evaluate our performance over and over again.

“What I love about working with Meghann is that we time block and get it all done,” Kris said. “I’m an organized person, but I break appointments with myself. I don’t break appointments with her. She keeps things fun.”

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