Core Alignment Catapult Program

You are a visionary entrepreneur

  • Driven by an inexplicable urge to transform, to create, and
  • You strive to positively impact the world around you.
  • You strive to achieve your goals while helping your team members and clients achieve theirs
  • You started your business because you were passionate about your area of expertise, or you are a born business owner.

As a business owner, you desire to expand and grow:

  • Your business
  • Your level of impact
  • Your revenue
  • Your happiness and significance
  • and/or Your team

And yet...

You drift off course now and again, wondering how you got there and how you can get back on track.

Sometimes it shows up in overwhelm, sometimes in apathy, or in sheer frustration.

Sometimes it manifests in anger toward your staff for “what they aren’t doing.” Or anger toward yourself, feeling like you just can’t get ahead.

What if I told you that staying on track is as simple as getting aligned with the core message of your business?

And staying connected to it.

Defining your vision, mission, values and core business purpose and then using them effectively are crucial to solving major problems in business, including:

  • Disconnect / feeling lost
  • Getting off track
  • Attracting the wrong clients
  • Hiring the wrong people
  • Overwhelm & Stress
  • Anger toward yourself or your team

Start 2017 Powerfully!

You may know about values, vision, and mission, however, I guarantee you haven’t seen it done this way (in a way that is indispensable to your organization.)


The Core Alignment Catapult program

is a unique execution of the traditional mission, vision values that is designed to bring you back to the love and passion you have for your business time and time again. Using the knowledge and tools gained in this program, you will have an easy way to re-engage yourself and your team when you “get off track.” Also, once you are aligned with your company’s core, marketing becomes much easier!

Once established, the Core Alignment Catapult becomes a powerful tool for:

  • Making important decisions
  • Creating your marketing messages and campaigns
  • Hiring people who fit your company culture
  • Enhancing company culture
  • Creating team cohesion
  • Attracting the right clients
  • Growing your organization
  • and more

In this personalized program, you and/or your management team will walk away with the following components clarified, defined, in written down. And you will know how to use them day in and day out when governing every area of your business.

This chart shows the components of the Core Alignment Catapult along with definitions for each component for solopreneurs and small teams.


How the Core Alignment Catapult Directly Affects Your Company

The results of this program will help you and your team to stop doing unnecessary or unproductive tasks. Instead, you will know how to take aligned action that moves you on your path to achieve your mission.

The Core Alignment Catapult also promotes:

  • Team Cohesion
  • Accountability
  • Higher Productivity
  • A Unified Culture
  • Attracting the right clients who love to pay you

This program works best for:

  • Visionary leaders of companies with 2-10 employees
  • Impact and purpose-driven solopreneurs



Delivery of this Program:

Teams of 2-5

I will come to your office and work with the visionary leader and the decision making team to develop the mission, vision, and values for the company. I will also teach you and your team how to begin using these values effectively to increase productivity, camaraderie, and performance in all areas of business, especially marketing. You will have a clear understanding of what to do to begin ingraining your Core Alignment Catapult into your culture and behaviors.

This takes 4-5 hours total and will be divided into two sessions.

*Note, some organizations already have company missions and visions and sometimes values. However, they are often not being used, they are not ingrained into the culture, nor do they resonate with the existing owner or management team. If you “have” these elements but are not using them or they don’t feel right to you, this is still the perfect offer for you and your team.

Launch Special: $997 $797

Individuals (Solopreneurs)

It is crucial for the growth (and sanity) of solopreneurs to be clear on your mission, vision, values and core purpose. These statements can and should motivate you, and help pick you up when you’ve had a rough week. They will be paramount when hiring your first (or next) employee or contractor so that you begin to build an intentional culture. And, as shown below, they can influence every area of business.

For this program, sessions are conducted at my office in Lakewood, CO or over the phone. The process takes 2 hours which will be split up into two segments.

Launch Special: $597 $397


Core Alignment Catapult Deliverable:

Both as an individual and an organisation, you will receive:
  • A super awesome booklet with your vision, mission, and values defined and positioned internally (for you/your team) and externally (for your target market). This booklet will contain suggestions for use in team building, business growth, marketing, and more.
  • A digital version of this booklet so that you and your team can revisit your Core Power Alignment quarterly, when you add team members, if you should shift your business model, etc.

This is a document that should be used as a tool and referred to frequently, as it will allow your organization to stay true to its core as you evolve and change. The foundation that this document provides is necessary for strategic success in all areas of business.



What does this have to do with marketing?

Marketing is my key area of expertise, so that is where I put my focus, and, your Power Core Alignment affects every area of your business.

Marketing are the messages that flow from the inside of your organization, outward in order to create action from your target market.

Have you ever felt like your marketing messages are a bit contrived? Made up?
Guess how that feels on the receiving end of your potential customers?! Artificial and unrealistic!

This is the marketing of the past - where marketing teams choose from this slate of emotions that you get to use to “manipulate your audience” into feeling some way in order to sell your widget. This isn’t aligned with the power of the organization and it doesn’t work for impact-driven companies.

When your marketing messages are fully aligned with the love and passion the owner and team have for their organization, their offerings, and their target market, their audience takes natural action. There is no need for gimmicks or tactics that are misleading or contrived.

Think of the last time you were reading an email or a Facebook post about a service or program and your immediate reaction was “YES! I don’t need to read any further, I want that!” I guarantee you that message was written from a place of authentic Power Core Alignment!

What does this have to do with marketing?

Branding: Every new business I brand or rebrand starts with finding their Power Core Alignment first. These and other key pieces of information help us choose a brand name and visual identity, as well as to establish the unique selling proposition and key messages of the brand. They are paramount when creating or reinventing a brand that becomes memorable in the eyes of ideal clients.

Legal, Financial, Sales, Operations, Human Resources: It is essential to know the core of your business and the desired outcomes you are striving to achieve financially, operationally, with your team, and your customers. It is just as essential to review these aspects regularly and to live by them, integrating them into every area of business. The Core Alignment Catapult creates this foundation and empowers business owners and your teams to stay on target to achieve your goals and objectives.



Do you have questions about this program? No problem! Email Us and we would be happy to answer them!

Testimonials for this Program:

“I had never gotten clear on our company’s core values before working with Meghann. Perhaps because I felt like it was too “woo woo” and didn’t know how it would really apply to my business and my staff. Boy was I wrong! Now that we know our top five core values and our definitions for them, along with the behaviors we exhibit when we are not living in those values, and how to get the team back on track and living in those values, things have changed dramatically. It is bringing our team together in a way like never before. I feel like I have easy guidelines to follow. Lindsay Fisher, CEO Print Pointe

“I love that my mission statement is something that I use all the time. It’s my elevator pitch when someone asks what I do. It’s the statement in the “About” section on my Facebook page. It helps me attract my ideal clients. It’s useful in so many ways and it’s totally in alignment with me to the core!“ Christine Hutchins, Maximum Offer

“Once we were able to articulate our core values and mission as an organization, our business began to operate much more seamlessly. We now look to our values first to make important decisions like hiring, firing, & promoting our team, power partners and clients. We’ve seen our entire organization come into better alignment allowing us to accomplish more in less time and grow with less stress and anxiety!” Jessica Fialkovich, Transworld Business Advisors

“Working with Meghann has improved the trajectory of my business in ways I never could have imagined. Meghann's talent for looking deep inside and helping me identify my core values has transformed my mission, vision and values into living and breathing principles that guide my every decision.” Amy Roepke, The Lawyer for Employers

Do you have questions about this program? No problem! Email Us and we would be happy to answer them!

If you’re wondering - do we do payment plans, yes we do! Please Email Us to inquire.