Brenda Abdilla, Successful Career Coach Transforms Her Marketing with the Mistress

Client Spotlight: Brenda Abdilla and A Magic Social Media Strategy

In the spring of 2013, Career Coach Brenda Abdilla and her team planned and subsequently cancelled six workshops designed to promote her new book and MOMentum Mastermind Group. All six of the cancellations were due to low registration numbers.

Brenda Abdilla Headshot  1 2011Brenda knew she had identified an untapped market – moms unsure of what they should do work-wise – and she knew there was demand for career coaching and camaraderie among moms. That’s what frustrated her the most. She could see the promise land, but her wheels were stuck in the mud.

Meanwhile, Brenda continues to operate a highly successful career coaching practice – and was launching this mom coaching business alongside, because she is so passionate about it.

I started working with Brenda in May. After establishing a contemporary marketing strategy aimed at targeting the right tribe with the right offers, we managed to promote a June workshop and fill it with moms (new clients), fast.

“I’ll never forget that first meeting with Meghann when she put her hands to her head and said ‘call it this, delete that, and change this,’” Brenda explained. “It was so clear to her that we had confused our audience with our content and approach. Her advice literally worked like magic.”

Turns out marketing strategy using various marketing mediums to execute it isn’t actually magic. It’s more about speaking to your tribe (that specific group of people to whom you speak and with whom your product/service resonates). Here’s some specific actions Brenda and I identified that led to a revitalized marketing environment and workshop sign-ups:

  • Determined Brenda’s goals and objectives for her two companies.
  • Developed or re-developed website copy, blog posts, and email marketing.
  • Surveyed best clients and implemented an online assessment.
  • Created free telecalls and quarterly workshops to feed mom’s groups.
  • Restructured the mom's group format.
  • Determined the roles for and hired two moms whose sole responsibility was to grow the groups.


All of this allowed Brenda to focus her attention on what she does best: high-level career coaching through while at the same time fueling a huge passion of hers to help mothers in career transition. She’s got an awesome book, you should read it (if you’re a mom in career transition of course).

What's Your Lane by Brenda Abdilla

What's Your Lane by Brenda Abdilla

Brenda will tell you that prior to working with me she was already using social media, writing blogs, creating email newsletters, but, as she later learned, she was using all of these without a strategy. Her tactics had only gotten her so far and she was ready to get some return on her marketing investment. That’s what it’s all about, right?

“It felt good to know that the advice Meghann gave me was not the same advice she gives everyone,” Brenda said. “It was so obvious she had studied my brand and industry. She was the clear voice I needed.”