Brand Building is Personal

I get a lot of questions about where to draw the line between personal and professional. My answer? When it comes to branding yourself, there really isn’t a line at all.

Most of the internet will tell you how important it is to create separation between your work life and your personal life, but I’m a firm believer in work-life integration. Your business is a part of your life, therefore your personal experiences shape who you are and how you show up in your business – and your marketing.

Think about the brands that resonate with you. You probably have a personal connection to each of them. You buy from them because you feel to connected to them.

This is exactly how you want to make your target audience feel.

After meeting people in person or being recommended to them by a colleague, I befriend them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (wherever they are that I also am). Naturally, they get to see all different sides of my personal life like travel photos, adventurous posts, and stories about my personal growth alongside my client success stories, business tips for my audience, and lessons learned along the way.

I recently had a business coach as a client who saw me in action both online and offline, liked what I had created, and hired me so that she could catapult her business because of the successes she had seen me talk about.

Getting personal allows you to attract the right clients faster because they can connect with you more quickly.

Sharing your personal story is the secret sauce to creating an authentic brand. And we all know authenticity is what makes a compelling and powerful brand because people are connecting with you.

Your products and services are awesome, but don’t try to force your target audience to connect with them because they won’t. Because people aren’t loyal to things. Brand loyalty is all about relationships, and when you show up as your whole, authentic self, people will connect to you – and brand loyalty will follow.

Of course, sharing isn’t always easy.

Sharing authentically means you’re talking about both the good and the bad. We need to talk about what we are learning from life’s experiences which generally require admitting a mistake or failure – because that’s what we are learning from.

This is so important because people can learn from our experience, be inspired by our response to failure, and see things in themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t see. Often, when we are going through hard times in our lives, it really helps to relate to someone in a similar situation – business or personal.

Not talking about these things – problems, failures, struggles – only propagates societal problems like isolation, shame, and comparison. It’s why I believe wholeheartedly that we should never be ashamed to share the “bad things”.

Your brand is a shared experience between you and your clients. How people feel about your brand is just as important as what you present about your brand. It’s all the little things you do from your heart like:

  • Hugging your clients whenever you see them in person
  • Inviting them to totally non-work related events
  • Sending unexpected gift cards to their favorite stores
  • Showing up for your clients’ events and being their biggest fan there

And yes, these are all things I do with my clients, because I genuinely love each one of them. It also means that interacting with me is a completely different experience than interacting with another marketing companies. My actions come from a place of authenticity: the heart.

Have you been feeling like your brand doesn’t fit you lately? Maybe you’ve noticed some incongruencies between what you’re posting online or sharing offline and your company’s marketing.

If you’ve wondered how you could get your company to align with your bigger vision (as the leader of your team), and you’re a woman running an impact-driven 6 or 7-figure company, schedule a complimentary consultation with me and we will get you on track to catapult your business to being the fully aligned company you’ve been dreaming of.

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