Adventures in Transformation

The first day of my trip this February, I was walking along the flagstone path, toward the beach, the sun was bathing me in glorious rays and the air was big and sweet as it is only in Hawaii. My higher self said, “you will be going through some huge transitions in the near future, buckle up, hold tight and keep listening. I adventured for seven days with my cousin in a place that I can only describe as “feeling like home” in every way possible. Every day was sun-kissed; from waking up with the birds early in the morning to watching the sun go down at night.


Kona sunset

Sunrise Hawaii

Kona Sunrise


Hawaii feels like pure love. I was talking about the air in Hawaii with a friend recently and we concluded that it is just so welcoming and loving, like it hugs you in its arms. It's not overly muggy and suffocating; it is present ant loving. Hawaii embodies many of my values: Fun, Adventure, Unconditional Love, Growth & Expansion, Awareness, Abundance, and Health. When a place embodies your values, it's easy to fall in love. Very easy.

Some of the highlights of our trip:

  • A dolphin swim along the Kona coast, snorkeling with two beautiful pods of 200+ spinner dolphins, followed by humpback whale watching
  • Hiking over lava fields to through valleys to secluded beaches to do more snorkeling
  • Climbing Banyan trees, crossing rivers, swimming under majestic waterfalls and cliff jumping
  • Tasty meals with new-found friends
  • Relaxing days by the pool, enjoying life to its fullest

Most importantly, for seven days, I did not work. Not one bit. I am so grateful that my cousin Danielle chose me to travel with her to Hawaii to celebrate her 30th birthday! Enjoy the visual vacation below:

Hawaii Collage

Bday dinner

A special thanks to our “local hosts” who showed us off-the-beaten-path Hawaii, and our awesome Aussie friend. We will meet again!

Returning or as I called it “reintegration,” was tough for both Danielle and me. It can be difficult to describe getting bit by the “travel bug,” which was definitely the case for both of us. But it was more than that. There was a point in the middle of our trip where we both looked at each other and without hesitation we both said, “this feels like home. True home. It's going to be really tough to leave, isn't it?!”

Since coming home, both Danielle and I have gone through some tough transition, although I don't like labeling it as ‘tough' because change is change and change is good. I know more about what I am creating in life and what it takes to get me there. By no means do I feel like this transitional period is over. I continue to listen to my higher self and take one. step. at. a. time. Trusting that I am fully supported.

Some of the places we visited on our stay and definitely recommend!

Hilton Waikoloa
Pololu Valley
Sunlight on Water
Rainbow Falls
Kealakekua Bay
Da Poke Shack
Full Moon Cafe