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I am an unusual breed—I knew what I wanted to do professionally when I was about 16. But I began to question my childhood fantasy of daily swims with whales as a marine biologist when my dad explained that that kind of work would not only require going to college in a state with water as a main component to its geography, but that my career would probably be spent on a lot of boats. (Boats are not my friends.)
The thought of being so far away from Beautiful Colorado, my family and friends, and the idea of spending more time studying creatures like amoebas than whales, brought me to consider an alternative career. My dad asked me what I’d been exposed to and enjoyed thus far, and my answer was marketing.

First, I fell in love with social media

So I found myself at the University of Colorado at Boulder (Go Buffs!), where I earned a double degree in Marketing and French. Oui, je parles bien français, presque couramment. I began my tantalizing career with a series of jobs that were less than fulfilling—stepping stones for sure. That’s a story for another day.

Fortunately, I met a group of entrepreneurs at the very perfect moment, and I went out on my own. I was a “guerilla marketing consultant,” which meant I had to make miracles happen with non-existent marketing budgets (a shock to the system after becoming used to five-figure budgets).

In 2008, I could see the significant changes revolutionary relationship-building platforms like MySpace and Facebook would have on our lives and our businesses. So I quickly took my secret obsessions with them to a new level, learning everything I could as fast as I could about this new and magical world.

Let’s just say I fell in love. I truly believe that social media has helped us restore trust in many businesses, especially small businesses, which now can share their messages on the same playing field as the “big boys.”

As the Mistress of Social Media® I taught 500+ business owners and their teams how to effectively and measurably use social media. I evolved from teaching workshops to executing social media management for companies to a creating social media strategist as a consultant.

And then, I fell in love again

I came to believe social media is one of the most powerful marketing tactics businesses can use to attract their target market. Notice that word—tactic—not your business’s marketing messiah. Not the end-all be-all of your marketing strategy. Social media wants to play with the rest of its online (and offline) marketing friends.

And I came to understand that helping clients uncover their business’ DNA was part of a bigger personal journey to change the world one visionary business at a time.

For the past several years, I’ve been on a journey that has brought my intuition to the forefront of everything I do. My intuition is in full force every time I talk to clients. It leads me to fall in love with what they do and to help them create sustainable, long-lasting businesses. It helps me encourage them to get real, deep fulfillment out of their creations, to become more of themselves, to have rocking marketing and abundance galore.

And, it allows me to help them do more of what they came here to do—to change the world with their products and services.

Some interesting things about me:

  • I have a ridiculous sense of humor that’s somewhere in between sarcasm and facetiousness.
  • I make faces all the time, which mostly reminds me not to take life too seriously and keeps others around me from doing the same.
  • Hiking is one of my obsessions. Being on the top of a mountain is euphoria for me.
  • If you’ve ever said “just Google That Shit (GTS),” you can definitely accredit me for that saying. I invented it in 2008.™
  • I may let an “s” or an “f” bomb slip when we speak. It’s just part of my “let’s not take life too seriously” personality.
  • If you become my client, expect me to love you. Expect me to give you lots of hugs, whether we work in person or virtually.
  • While I do have the marketing strategy wisdom of a 92-year-old profession, but I keep my style fun and fresh. Marketing should be fun, ya know!
  • My brand personality is a cross between Bohemian and Edgy. Bohemian as in the 1960s love-fest anti-war way without the patchouli; and Edgy without the black clothing, excessive eye-liner and pop -punk playlist on my phone.
  • I’m an only child, and I’ve had the same best friend since I was 5 years old. She’s my sister from another mister
  • I am in a loving, caring, fun relationship with an amazing man. I am grateful to be a “bonus parent” to his adorable daughter, and we have an awesome Lab/Terrier puppy who is our companion in all of our adventures
  • I am on a fun journey, learning to love myself and to be more authentic every day, and I encourage my clients, friends, family and anyone I come into contact with, to do the same.
  • My “big why” in life – the reason I get out of bed every day and do what I do: to love unconditionally while creatively manifesting life
Has Mad Love for Her Clients
Great Sense of Humor
Fun and Fresh Approach
Propensity Toward Profanity
Loves to Hike
Wisdom of a 92-Year Old

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