Are you Posting on Facebook and Hearing Crickets??

Check Your Status Update Inline Audience Selector!!           I have had numerous clients call me lately frustrated because people are not commenting on their Facebook updates (when they have in the past.) Here’s what to do! Go to create a status update either from Home or your Timeline and look at […] Read more

Mar, 28, 2012



Facebook Friend Requests – Do’s and Don’ts

I receive multitudes of friend requests from people who have profiles with no information filled in whatsoever or those that are on “lock down,” and from which I had received no personal introduction message.  It just makes me wonder – why? Would this person walk up to me at a networking event or in a […] Read more

What services does the Mistress of Media Offer and Who Does She Work With?

Often times people ask me what the Mistress of Social Media of Your Social Source does. Here it is, nitty gritty style. Social Media for Companies Social Media Workshops Social Media Consulting Social Media Group Coaching Social Media One on One Coaching   Would you like more information? Feel free to send me an email: […] Read more

Mar, 06, 2012



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