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I am an intuitive marketing coach and strategic marketing consultant located in Denver, Colorado. I help emerging women business owners like you recreate your business marketing strategy with intention. I also help you build a marketing and content plan that is supported by that new foundation.

About Me

I am on a journey to live authentically by using my intuition, hiking mountains, laughing a lot and dropping the occasional s-bomb.

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My Services

I use my years of strategic marketing expertise to help you gain the clarity and use the tools that are critical to your success.

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Who I Work With

Women visionary leaders who have been in business for 5+ years and are ready to see profitable results from their marketing efforts.

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My Process

I help you set marketing goals, define target clients, and evaluate your business’ foundation to create a marketing plan you’ll actually use.

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My Philosophy

I believe that in order to take your business to the next level, you have to have a strategic approach to marketing that spins your marketing efforts into profits. No more “throwing spaghetti against the wall” marketing.

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Don’t take my word for it. Read what my clients have to say about how working with me has allowed them to transform their businesses.

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I help you get clear on what will produce results.

The only way marketing works well is by targeting the exact right client for your business. But how can you do that if you don’t know who you are as a business? Or who your ideal client is? Or have any foundation for building a plan? That’s where we start in creating your small business marketing strategy. No “marketing-plan-in-a-box” from me.


I create marketing road map that’s just for you.

I teach you to use modern marketing techniques including social media marketing, website content and newsletters alongside traditional marketing tactics including public relations, special events and more. And then, I train your staff to execute your marketing plan or help you find outsourced experts. Finally, I review your plan’s performance and strategize new marketing plans that actually work.


I save you time, money and make your business more fun.

My clients say that I’ve helped them become crystal clear on what they need to do to reach their ideal clients, to make more money, to cut marketing costs and get back time to actually do what they love.

I say I help you carry out your mission and make your vision for the world, your business and your life … faster, and with more heart and more fun.

Interesting Things About YOU

  • You are a visionary leader who is here to change the world by being innovative
  • Your services and/or products are changing the way business is done in your industry
  • You are making a huge impact on the lives of your clients, day in and day out.
  • You have most likely been in business for 5 to 10 years, or you have fast-paced business growth
  • You’ve been doing what we all do in the first years of business, ‘throwing marketing tactics up against a wall to see what sticks.’
  • You know that to take your company to the next level, you’re going to have to get yourself out of the marketing ‘box’, you just don’t know how.
Passion for what you do
Desire to explode your business
Getting maximum ROI from your marketing
You have the roadmap to get there
You’re ready to have that roadmap

My Recent Thoughts...

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Defining Your Company's Target Market

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Props for Me!

  • Meghann’s marketing talk at First Fridays was a fountain of great ideas and insights. Meghan is highly strategic, and she inspired all kinds of strategic direction for me and my business. Her style is fun, engaging, and called me to action in a big way.

    Brandon T., InterTwine Coaching + Development

  • Before hiring Meghann, my company had a lack of direction. Now, I have clarity and leadership to offer my team and we are getting tangible results from the changes we are making. The three biggest results working with Meghann so far are increased attendance to my paid workshops, increased engagement in my social media (30%) which has also brought me new paying clients, and appropriate, profitable use of my marketing budget. There is a huge difference between tactical marketing and strategy/guidance for your marketing. Tactical without the strategy (and measurement of the tactical implementation) is simply pouring money and time down the drain. Meghann gives you a plan—specific to your business and goals and makes the tactical elements work for your business.

    Brenda A., Client, Career Coach

  • Meghann brings two of her most formidable qualities to bear in the work she does for her clients: her passion for communicating what makes her clients special and her warm and caring personality. She is also laser-focused on what it takes to create a customized marketing strategy centered around an leader and their business, rather than trying to be all things to all potential clients. Being fully aware that hers is the world of strategy, she works in concert with other marketing and technology subject matter experts to implement many of the individual tactics dictated by the needs of the client. Meghann truly embodies the expertise, team-centric, caring approach necessary to help her clients grow their branding and their business.

    Jarrod M., Power Partner, Destiny Capital

  • Meghann is the one of the most caring and compassionate marketers I've ever met. Her goal when working with clients is to get to know them on a deep personal level. She is highly educated, and is incredible about taking the traditional concepts of marketing and coupling them with her intuition to devise creative strategies for her clients. And to boot, she makes the experience FUN. Meghann truly invests her whole heart and soul in her work and in building mutually beneficial relationships with her clients, vendors and strategic alliances.

    Melodi S., Power Partner, essentia WEBWORKS

  • Meghann creates the incredible bridge from skill to delivery. Most of all, I feel carried and supported. Relieved by her faith and trust. Meghann gives me the courage to be different; to step out and brand and market myself as the truly unique me.  She keeps me focused on my goals, and helps me understand the steps as I move towards them. As a result, the people that I am attracting as clients are even more of a fit than I originally thought I could have.  It's freeing. Really freeing. Because of Meghann's capacity to be different and a little edgy, she is a role model for me to show my edginess.

    Lisa S., Client, Intuitive Body-Based Coach

  • I love working with you Meghann, you're a great coach! I truly feel like you're the missing piece I've been looking for. When every other marketing company would just tell me "you need a new website," or "you need 'some other magic pill,'" you listened to me, and are creating well-thought out, long-lasting solutions. I feel heard and validated. I can't wait to see where we go from here! Thank you!

    Heather T., Client,

  • Meghann Conter was my first and best investment in my business, parilllume. It was the wisest move I could have made! She not only crafted and created my brand and marketing foundation, she also masterfully connected me to new clients and promoted parillume’s message far and wide. Even though our monthly coaching sessions have ended, she still refers clients to me month after month, which has generated thousands of dollars in revenue. I would not be where I am in business had I not hired Meghann! She is my marketing coach for life, and I recommend her without reservation.

    Lisa F., Client, Parillume

  • I love working with Meghann because of the SUPPORT she gives. It feels amazing to get feedback on my work, to ask questions of the expert on the products I'm creating and how to best position them to my tribe. In just two months, we have created stress-free goals so that I know where I'm going, we have redefined my target market and taken the steps to reach my ideal clients in a clear way, we have changed the focus of my offerings and even raised my prices. If it’s time to take your business to the next level, hire Meghann! .

    Cheryl P., Client, Coach & Energy Healer

  • My idea of marketing has changed completely since coaching with Meghann. She has opened my eyes to the different paradigm in marketing – that we are building a community, not selling ourselves. She has taught me that it is crucial to know who we are authentically, who we serve, and what specifically we contribute to the world, before we ever take a tactical approach to marketing. It is our foundation that is our greatest asset and will produce the right results.

    Sara N., Client, Author

  • Working  with Meghann to develop a strategic approach to our marketing saved us on average $1,000 a month in marketing costs and brought instant additional revenue of approximately $10,000 per month from new offerings we created because of her direction and execution! She helped us relaunch our website in December and add automated campaigns within it. Our traffic and leads have spiked enormously as a result!

    Jessica F., Client, TransWorld Business Advisors